RF repair

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Even with the greatest of care, surprises are possible.

Due to the precise knowledge of the construction and design of the equipment, our highly qualified technicians can provide repairs at manufacturer level. In addition to our extensive stock of original spare parts, we also carry out our repairs at component level. As a result, a lot of e-waste can be avoided. Which is a starting point for our sustainability strategy.

Function test

When your device is received, it will first be visually inspected by our technicians. Special attention is paid to mechanical damage.
A technical function test is then carried out with our in-house test systems in order to reproduce the defect.

Fault localisation

As soon as the defect has been reproduced, our technicians can begin accurate localisation and identify the defective components by systematically analysing the printed circuit boards.


During the repair, the components which have been identified as faulty are then replaced. We use only high-quality components.


After the repair has been completed, the assemblies are tested again for their full functionality.

Factory calibration

If the test is successful, the assembly is then factory calibrated. Full functionality is therefore ensured.

Each repair includes a comprehensive function test after completion in conjunction with a factory calibration.