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Traceable monitoring of your communication systems. GSM-R, Tetra & Analogue form the backbone of communication in highly sensitive areas.

Regular testing of the measuring devices that are used is essential for ensuring the functionality of these critical infrastructures.

Limits within calibration

Calibration versus factory calibration
Calibration is a measurement process for detecting and documenting the deviation of one measuring device from another device, which is referred to as “the measurement standard” in this scenario.

This definition therefore constitutes the difference to a factory calibration. Only the factory calibration can not only detect and document deviations from the measurement standard, but also adjust the deviating measurement points back to the defined “measurement standard”.

We are committed to strictly following the manufacturer’s production specifications regarding the number of measurement points and tolerance limits.

Competence in the calibration and adjustment process is a result of developing the measuring devices. Nobody knows the resulting special features and insights as well as the manufacturer.