Manufacturer: Wavetek, Willtek, Acterna, Aeroflex
SERVICE: Factory Calibration, Repair, Second-hand

Mobile telephone tester for safety in railway operations
The 4202R is the tester for digital train radio (GSM-R) to test safety-related functions such as emergency call and group call in railway radio.

Pre-built test scenarios can be launched directly on the device, and the 4202R is ideal for mobile test and repair applications, along with its compact dimensions, lightweight design and optional battery pack. Continuous testing of the train radio devices during the service of the trains protects against malfunction of the cab radio or the mobile telephone.

Powerful functions protect in emergency situations
The 4202R enables the simulation of group calls (VGCS) at different priority levels. These include VGCS-based emergency calls – not only to check the performance of the driver’s cab radios, but also peripheral technology such as optical and acoustic alarms. These tests ensure the correct functioning of the radio system and prevent serious failures in emergency situations.