MESTEC technical system solutions
Service acceptance: or phone +49 (0)89-86 49 66-0
Service acceptance:
or phone +49 (0)89-86 49 66-0

Unrivalled precision: automatic adjustment of wireless measuring equipment at MESTEC. The only specialist operating in conformance with the manufacturers’ standards

No one adjusts analogue and digital high-performance HF wireless measurement equipment with greater precision than MESTEC. Only MESTEC offers fully automatic adjustment of the sort performed by the manufacturers. A MESTEC adjustment affords the highest level of certainty of accurate measuring results. Technical development can be only as precise as the tools you use. Perfectly adjusted analogue or digital HF wireless measurement technology gives developers maximum certainty for excellent results.

Calibration alone is no guarantee of precision. Every other wireless measurement device is in need of adjustment.
There is no dearth of certified calibration services. But do they really eliminate all risk of measuring errors? As our daily experience makes abundantly clear, the answer, unfortunately, is no. Roughly every other measurement device is in need of adjustment despite recent calibrations. Errors often remain undetected at untested frequencies and are not subsequently adjusted. The device may then deliver false readings in certain ranges. Eliminate these risks with professional calibration and adjustment by MESTEC.

MESTEC adjustment: more precision for your wireless measurement devices on a lasting basis
Your measuring device will be adjusted so that measurement deviations remain within the device’s specifications and as near to the set point as possible. It goes without saying that MESTEC follows the rigorous specifications of the manufacturer. In compliance with these specifications, the MESTEC adjustment makes a lasting modification to the device which results in a continuous gain in precision. Our calibration experience shows that roughly every other measuring device is in need of adjustment to restore its ability to deliver flawless readings. Because MESTEC offers both calibration and adjustment under the same roof, customers get their measuring equipment back in the shortest amount of time and in fully operational condition.

Fully automatic adjustment means complete certainty.
Adjustment according to manufacturers’ standards is available for analogue and digital wireless test sets only at MESTEC. As a leader in precision and experts in high-performance HF wireless measurement technology, we give you every reason to remain confident that we will deliver just that. Our experienced specialists perform the adjustment of your measuring devices under strictly specified conditions using the same techniques as the manufacturers and with uncompromising accuracy.

Zertifiziertes Qualitätsmanagement nach DIN EN ISO 9001 : 2015

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